The Extras!!! - All the bells and whistles at your service!

Pin Spot lighting - LED pin spot lights are a great way to illuminate something special. You can highlight the cake Table, Head Table, Gift Table, Dance Floor or anything you can imagine. These lights through a focused beam anywhere in the room.

Image Projection - Do you want to share special moments with all your guest? Well VIP can help make that happen by providing a projector to project those memorable pictures on the wall or screen.

Video Music - VIP Entertainment has a huge selection of Music Videos available to play at any performance. Imagine watching your favorite music videos while dancing to them. This takes it to a whole new level of fun!

Karaoke - Karaoke can really be fun. We have a large library of songs and a system that will make anyone sound great. You can even send in a pre-selected request list prior to any event so your song choices are ready to go when you are!

Generator - Should you have a need to have entertainment in a remote area VIP has two generators for those occasions. One large commercial generator that can run tons of things and a whisper quite one for when quite is needed.

PLEASE NOTE: Not all the above options are permitted at all venues. Please discuss any choices with your venue to make sure they are acceptable. Some above items require extra set-up time and may add to your contract total.